SharePoint and PIE

We have been using CSS3 within SharePoint for almost 12 months now and in this time we have used the file to enable us to have CSS3 capabilites in older browsers such as IE7 and IE8.

If you use the pie file within the style library like – behavior:url(style library/ or within the css file location itself  – (behavior:url( ) then the pages using the style will redirect to a blank page within IE.

When setting the location of the PIE file in the behaviour tag you will need to make sure that its done as shown behavior:url(/_layouts/ to prevent this from happening


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  1. Vinod says:

    Only able to apply for one element not more that one, i tried to apply few more class elements but not get successes, any help

    1. Al Roome says:

      Yep thats one issue with the pie file you can only use one CSS3 propertie to the element.
      There is a list of CSS3 properties that can be used on the Pie site.

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