Branding SharePoint 2010 – The Basics part 1

I put a quick word document together just for other people at work to follow to get a general idea of how to start SharePoint 2010 branding and the basis of it.I know this is extreamly basicbut It seemed like a good idea to share it with others so here it is.

Areas of the master page that need to remain.
  • #s4-ribbonrow – this contains the Out of the box controls to edit the pages
  • #s4-workspace – this is the outer element for your master page and shouldn’t be removed as it will affect how other parts of SharePoint work.
  • #s4-leftpanel – This is the area for the left hand navigation, set to display none on the page layout if you don’t require this on the page layout or you can add an empty place holder to the page layout which will remove it also.  <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId=”PlaceHolderLeftNavBar” runat=”server”>
  • #s4-ca – When hiding the left hand navigation you’ll also need to remember to remove  the margin from this tag
  • Both the #s4-leftpanel and #s4-ca need to be inside the content part of your master page.
  • The class . s4-notdlg is added to any item in the master page you don’t wish to display in the dialog box
  • <div  id=”MSO_ContentDiv” runat=”server”> is the area where the web part menu is rendered. This has to be on the page. You can move id=”MSO_ContentDiv” runat=”server” into any div on the page with in the workspace area
Setting master page
  • Site actions > Site settings > Master page (under Look and Feel heading)
  • Select master page
  • Also select your CSS style sheet her ins the Alternate CSS URL
  • Click OK

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  1. Also don’t forget s4-titlerow…

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