SharePoint 2013 Blog app

Looking into SharePoint 2013 and I found this neat little app that connects you to your blog site using word.

Once you’ve created your blog site you’ll notice the usual Blog tools web part in the right hand corner of your page content, there’s a few new items in the list one of which is the Launch Blogging app.

Make sure you’ve got you’re site open in Internet Explorer and click on the link. This will open word and ask you to enter the information for your new SharePoint Blog account, enter the URL and click OK it’ll ask you to log in and then you’ll see your Word Blog post template. Entering content and then all you’ll need to do is publish and it’ll post your article onto your blog site. Easy as that.

If you’ve created more than one blog site you’ll have the option to switch between the two so you don’t need to log into the different sites to upload a post.


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  1. samuel sandeep says:

    Nice post,thanks for sharing this information. Looking forward for more posts like this.

    Sharepoint Developers

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